The YFS Experiencia

A 3-night Stickball weekend in Mexico that is equal parts adventure, retreat, and glory voyage. Here we take a full-step out of our restrictive worlds to come together, play ball, and learn about the vast spiritual benefits of fucking off.

DM us @YFS_Experiencia or email for pricing and to reserve your spot. Double and single room occupancies available.

York Field Stickball, The YFS, is a modified bat and ball game played on non-traditional fields built to bring out whatever authentic church-giggling dipshit character that lives within. Yes this world needs change, but why has the narrative trended overly serious with little room for much else? Why have we forgotten about play, levity, expression and the positivity that comes from it.

The YFS Experiencia exists to dummy-recharge you and return to your civilian life in better shape than you showed up in.


What happens at the YFS Experiencia and what do I get for my hard-earned dollars? Good question, Ingvar Karmprad.


2-3PM Arrival. Jet, train, drive, or e-scoot yourself to San Diego where you will walk across the border into Mexico. We will pick you up and drive 40 minutes to the beach town of Rosarito to feast on some of the finest stuffed tortillas on earth at Tacos Manuel.

After, we’ll take a 25 minute drive through the Cerro de Colonel mountains to the private 9,000 acre ranch of San Antone where you’ll drop your bags in your glory barracks and make your way to the Experiencia’s inaugural field, La Lancha De Catedral. We'll go through a quick rundown of the YFS rules, take in some BP, followed up with a friendly tilt or two as you bask in the golden hour of the Baja light. Bottomless swing oil, AKA iced down Tallboys, will be readily on hand. Dinner al fresco to follow.

10PM. Lights out. “But I don’t want to go night night”. Tough shit, Studio 54. For glory reasons, you’re going to be up hella early tomorrow so ripping Big Gulp cups of tequila all night won’t serve you well when we bang on your door to play a YFS Rooster at 6am. Sometimes you need to be told what to do for your own good and this is one of those times. YFS sunrise Glory is a beautiful gift and all you have to do is show up. It could change your life but it certainly won’t if you over-serve yourself on night one.


6AM Rise and shine, Shitsticks! There’s glory in them hills! You’re slotted to play a YFS Rooster. If we don’t wake you, the ranch-roaming feathered cocks will. We’ll warm up on the field, stretch hammies, draw cards and play. On hand will be hot and iced Coffee, pastries, some OG power bars (hard boiled eggs) and cold Tallboys. Full breakfast to follow.

11A-1P Siesta, Son. Take a nap. Or go meditate in the burned out church. This existing on earth while shutting down without distraction time is essential in powering down for a full recharge completion of the day's activities. Do your best to stay off your dumbphone. Go stare at a cactus. Bro down with a ranch pup. Play follow the leader with a peacock. Roam the private ranch. Reset yoself.

1:30P Lunch + Team Draw. Here we draw cards on who will play for the Los Sangrientos (Red team) and who will play for the Los Aceiteros (Black team) for the weekend’s best-of-three Finals clash on Sunday. The card draw is a way for the Glory Gods to have a say in who you will play with for all the marbles on Sunday.

2P Mount up, Cowbaes! You’re moving beef on legs this afternoon. Each team will be assigned a head Vaquero who will help you push 40 cattle through the ranch ending on a vista de plateau. First squad to get all of their 5 marked cows across the finish line will earn home field advantage in the finals.

5P Happy hour and Dinner.

8P Night game double header. Play another mixer under the lights with your amigos. DJ Flacco on hand to play the latest beats to get you going. Have fun and let your hair down.

No curfew in effect tonight as the day’s activities should knock you back naturally. But know that you are playing the big one in the AM so up to you how you want to slice it.


8A Breakfast
9:30A Warmups
10:30A THE BEST-OF-THREE EXPERIENCIA FINALS, AKA The tournament of consequence. Who will reign supreme on these hallowed grounds in YFS Glory Country.
1P Lunch will be served in between finals games / when it feels right.
2P More games to follow or just relax and spout or lament the weekends sporting triumphs and failures.
6P *Sunday night pig roast.


8A Vamanos! Breakfast and departure back to the US/Mexican border.


Where exactly in Mexico is this?

This takes place on the historic 9,000 acre San Antone Ranch south of the border 60 miles southeast of San Diego in Baja Mexico. The ranch was once home to the indigenous Mexican Paipai tribe whose stone corn tortilla grinder still sits in its original place not far from home plate.

What are the rooms like?

These single and double occupancy ranch rooms would probably get a max 2 out of 5 stars on Yelp. It’s an authentic Meixcan ranch, not a Cancun supertower. So you’re basically living a step up from a real cowboy. Peacock on a tin roof style. The rooms are clean, basic, tile floors and hot water showers. And plenty of blankets should the temps drop. We are in a desert coastal climate. If you are overly concerned about the rooms, then this probably isn’t for you. Patrons will be coming to mine stickball glory and eat authentic mexican eats in a beautiful ranch setting.

What should I bring?

Earplugs - Roosters routinely can crank it up @5am
Rain gear
Sweatshirt or parka

Non essential – But bring 'em if you got ‘em
Noise-canceling headphones
Waterproof boots
Cowboy Boots
Electrolyte powder

Can we talk food?

Head Chef Lalo and his crew will cook for the group. Always serving an abundance of tortillas, pico de gallo, and open-flamed protein goodness. Options include fish, beef, pork, goat, lobster. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. Choose your menu or hand the keys over to Lalo take you on a local Mexican culinary ride.

What if I have food allergies?

Good question, Poindexter. We will accommodate any and all dietary needs. Two weeks prior, we will check in with all patrons with any dietary requests and prepare accordingly.

Can I bring my trans mom?

Of course. Sup trans mom. We only ask that you bring people (age 18+) who are interested in the YFS game. The YFS doesn't judge on what you get after between the sheets or athletic ability, only a wanting to be here and a willingness to learn and play YFS ball.

What does it cost? 

Email or DM us at @yfs_experiencia for pricing.

If I'm an official player in the YFS do I get a discount?

If you help run on of our 6 official YFS Chapter (as commissioner or brass), we’ll discount your Experiencia by a 10% because you put in the thankless work to keep the YFS glory pumps running clean in our cities and we appreciate you.

What kind of drinks are served?

The YFS Experiencia strictly runs on iced-down Tallboys Suds and Tequila. If you would like something else to sip on, we can make an arrangement as long as it doesn’t require a blender.

Where is my money going and what is it contributing to?

Players will be on the hook to donate $10 per bomb and $5 per drop on Sunday's best of 3 tournament to Waves-4-Water to help out with the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Outside of that, the slim revenue from this effort will be poured back into building more fields on the ranch. We firmly believe the world needs more outrageousness and are in this to build something bigger than ourselves. We're eying some serious bat and ball Xanadu shit. As we put more in, the cost of this will go up. So get in early why it’s on the cheap. And be able to say, “I was at the YFS Experiencia when y’all were in diapers”

Anything else?

The YFS and our sluggers are guests on the ranch. We ask you to treat all workers, staff, and Vaqueros kindly. It is the YFS way. Yes we are exchanging money to use the ranch, field and services but that doesn’t give anybody license to act like an asshat. We’re all equally headed for the dirt at some point so try and gain some perspective if you think you're above anybody. We say just check the egos at the border and let the smooth stylings of the YFS Experiencia unfold.

R E V I E W S :


"My main motivation is food and Lalo and their kitchen make the most amazing salsa and they whip it up fresh to pair with some great Mexican home cookin’ all day. Pueblo de sabor, carnal... We ate like kings and felt like kings all weekend. The hacienda we slept in was comfortable and had an outdoor kitchen/bar that was a great place to gather and eat and drink as much as you want. Beautiful views make for an epic scenery for stickball, and besides eating, that’s all we really wanted to do. They even brought out lights when it got dark. There was also some fun surprise twists to make the competition more heated. Seriously fun vacation and they get all the film and photos to prove it. Jeff (Mechanico) and Waldo (El Toro) are the captains of makin it happen and host an incredible experience at YFS Experiencia." 

-BT Krakow, Portland, OR


"The YFS Experiencia blows your perfect Sunday out of the water. Whether you're a wizened Dipshit with a checkmark next to each Chapter, or a sad little tadpole who's never ventured from your home waters, the Experiencia will enrich your starved soul. Breathtaking vistas, impeccable cuisine, outrageous hospitality, and friendships to last a lifetime... lose yourself in the magic and just get there. PRONTO." 

-SP Brumleve, Brooklyn, NY


4.93 out of 5 stars.  The Experience is aptly named!!!!  Chasing glory south of the border at this bucolic baja ranch is a must for any YFS dipshit looking to check off boxes for foreign glory.  The food alone is worth the visit. The scenery and views from the ball field are second to none.  The care and ingenuity put into the field will put your local yard to shame...and the love shown from Toro and the hosts redefines hospitality. Go get your legged ripped apart while robbing a dinger and tell all of your fellow dipshits in your local chapter to're not going to want to miss this. 

*.07 deducted from a perfect overall score due to the exclusive beer sponsorship from Indio...whatever happened to Tecates aka Mexican PBR??? ;)

-S Carroll, Seattle, WA