The Mechanic  •  October 13th, 2010

BROOKLYN – The 4 YFS Mothership Ambassadors took their respective seats at Pedros cantina & eatery in Brooklyn last Friday night with one goal in mind–to define dugouts for the upcoming 2010 Fall Classic. The awarded consul ordered rounds of drink and tacos as they drew names one by one out of The El Violador-gifted Minnesota Twins batting helmet. Player by player they took form and eventually shaped the 4 teams who will all have an equal crack at becoming the next Champs of York Field starting this Sunday.

The R.L.C.S. matchup pairs the RED 1's who lay claim to Big Wednesday, La Greivance, The Laser Show and Mudnuts who will square off against a RED 2 collective of The Diamond, The Craftsman, The Lone Wolf and The Connoisseur in the first series of the day. "You gotta tip the edge the R1s" said '09 Champion RawDog from an overseas collect-call interview..."You see that R1 team down on paper and say, i'd like to party with those fucks....good clubhouse, couple that all with the swagger of the rookie LaserShow and throw in an abundance of substances and you got yourself a rock-solid set of faggots". But don't count out the RED 2's who bolster 2 of last years runner-ups and who's thirst for the York Cup might be a little more than most. "No doubt the Diamond is finding his swing just at the right time and with the versatile-hitting Craftsman they are no crew to overlook" said one of the city park workers in an on street interview yesterday.

The B.L.C.S. matchup features The BLACK 1 drawn The Surgeon, El Matador" Vives, The Secret Agent, Rookie David G. & Local Boy who will take on The Mechanic, Rookie Ryan J., Balls and Soy Peligroso. This matchup pairs off two first round ballot hall-of-famers as The Surgeon and The Mechanic will face each other in round one. Teammates from last year epic '09 championship run, but chummy no more as sources say the two have been firing text message shots back and forth all week. No doubt this one is necked fairly tight as the B1's might have a slight edge with the tape-measure firepower but also harbor the most dugout fat with the only 5 players roster. And if the B2's are to win it, they're is no doubt they'll have to earn it. This is to be one for the ages as Vegas bookies are still struggling to find the correct line.

Sunday 10:05am (TBS)
Red League Championship Series. Best of 3.

Sunday 2:05pm (FOX)
Black League Championship Series. Best of 3

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