About Us

In 2009, York Field Stickball - the YFS - was hatched by a set of NY Metro-area day jobbers bored with the bat ‘n ball options available at the time. 

After years of therapy working through the trauma of not becoming the next Roberto Clemente, the YFS founders eventually came to terms with the fact that they were never going to play under the lights at Fenway – not legally, at least.

Even after finding jobs that made them money, the baseball lust that ran through their veins couldn’t be silenced. An outlet was needed. One that no softball league or dong-soggy wiffle ball gathering could satisfy.

Despite the cosmos’ repeated answer of “that’s a big no, Slick,” that seemingly incurable fire still burned within. A fire to play alongside dugout characters and beautiful halfwits in ballparks with soul. A desire to step into the batter’s box with it all on the line and crack one out of the yard like it’s nothing. A desire to recount the day’s triumphs and laughable failures over a tall can of cold stuff.

Was there room for something else in the category? Could a league be serious about not being serious? Perhaps the turn-of-the-century game of stickball could serve as a base, only to be re-worked to serve glory only? Not something merely casual for free weekends, but an express lane to that boiling baseball love of yore?


The YFS was born of this very void. Built from the asphalt up as a simple-ruled racket for the hard-working everyman. Steeped in a nonsense-less philosophy where you can pound bat-struck balls 200+ feet into the cheaps with runners in scoring position and still have time for a yap and a sip with like-minded fellows.

Welcome to a moveable game for the modern day glory hounds.

Hit ‘em where they ain’t.

York Field Stickball®
Est. 2009
You Don’t Retire. You Die.™