The Mechanic  •  October 17th, 2010

BROOKLYN – Captain's Mechanic and The Surgeon were both aware that they would have to coat-check their nuts before the start of the BLCS, knowing full well that only one pair would be returned while the other set would be flung into the east river to remain on the bottom until next year's Fall Classic. Once chummy victors, the '09 champs would be draw-separated and tested this year to see who could lead another set of fame-thirsty sluggers to the World Series. The Paparazzi and media flooded the York grounds with flashbulbs as the two sides sharpie'd-up tits and fought their way into the yard for the 2:05 start. All the predictions, all the hype and jabs were to be put on ice as the squads flipped a coin and began inking the pages of history. The Black 1's bolstered a line up of The Surgeon, The Secret Agent, Rookie Dave G., Local Kid J. Hobbs and El Matador who took on The Black 2 crew of The Mechanic, Rookie Ryan J., Balls and the dangerous one Soy Peligroso.

Game 1 got underway as the visiting B1s took first hacks. Wasting little time, the Surgeon penciled himself in the lead-off spot and went Vietnam on the BQE as if to say "Too Buku, Too buku..." notching the first HR of the series. The Black 2's responded as Balls blasted a rail-rattling BQE HR of his own as if to say "That was a tennis ball that is no longer here in this field, it has left this designated area of play and is now up on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway...the rules clearly state that we get 1 run in exchange for this act, i'd like to add that I am are very pleased with this transaction and I hope to have others like it throughout the day". But then the collective decided to go window shopping for runs, "oh just looking, no thanks, don't want any" said both sides as they swapped ups at the plate. Rookie of the year favorite The Secret Agent jacked one getting his first post season bomb. Near game's end it was notched 4-3 in favor of the B1s. And with two outs in the bottom of the 9th, The Mechanic hit a solo HR that would tie it up and push it into extras. But the Black 1's responded with their ace, The Surgeon, as he did the dirty work by pushing another Jacko up and over the York Skank, collecting 3 more and putting the opposition all but out. Mechanic fired another HR scud over the wall in the bottom of the 10th frame, but that was all the the Black deuce could muster as the B1s came out on top 9-6.

Game 2 saw the sides tinkering with lineups as both Captains delivered mandatory drinking orders to their squads. Lead changes went back and forth as Goldberg pounded 2 more jacks in this one. Backs against the wall, the B2s seemed to play with a purpose as Peligroso answered and got off the schneid with his first jack of the series pumping life into the Black 2's and putting them up 7-4 going into the 9th. But a lurking Surgeon had different ideas on how this one was to conclude. And in the bottom of the 9th, he hit a solo bomb to cut it to two. Then the B1 crew put 2 more on the bags with the Secret Agent eeking a 2-out, dying quail that landed not more than a single cunt-hair over the white line to give the mighty captain one more crack. And with that, the Surgeon left the pitching mound, made his way to the dugout to take 3 hits off a dugout J, stepped to the dish and in deja-vu-like fashion, airlifted a depthcharge that shook the windows of Farragut housing projects while single handedly ripping the hearts of the B2s, stomping them into the ground and then shitting on those same hearts to end it in walk off fashion, 8,7 in a sweep. "I gotta thank my guys for giving it their all......We hit when we had to and we really came together out there" said a jubilant Surgeon wearing speedo goggles and getting a bud shower from Dave Galea. "We're going to the World Series!" said an exalted Local boy in his first trip to the big stage. The World Series kicks off this Saturday (10/30) as the League champion Blacks and Reds will square off in a best of 5, winner-take-all event. First pitch 10:05am (FOX).

G1: B1: 9, B2: 6
G2: B2: 7, B1: 8

HRs: Surgeon; 5, Agent; 3, Mechanic; 2, Balls; 1, Soy Peligroso: 1

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