The Mechanic  •  October 16th, 2011

BROOKLYN – The second set of games on Sunday was a classic BLCS power match up as the '09 Champ Mechanic-led Black 2's took on the iron clad Black 1's headed up by '10 Champ Secret Agent in a best of 3 series. Vegas bookies struggled to find a line as it surrendered tits for tits just minutes before first pitch.

Game 1 was the lone treat for the B2's who came back from a impressive B1 hitting onslaught nipping it walk off fashion as Laser Show hit a triple-mopping single which was mishandled against the left field wall by Conny as the Dueces snuck out of the stadium with a 6-5 victory. Down but not out, the B2's made a defensive switch by putting the rookie Gator in left, regrouped and fought back in Game 2 with more of that steadfast hitting approach lead by Conny and the rooks Gator and Choy with a 9-4 victory setting up a final diarrhea shitsqueezer game for both sides–one team would be elated, the other pitted with a sting that would last all winter long.

The 3rd game got underway and played run-tight almost all the way, but in the top of the 9th the B1s put up 3 clutch runs, going up by 3 and in the end it was too much for B2's to come back from as the Black 1's celebrated in the outfield with a 6-3 victory. "We're headed to the Finals!" yelled a much relieved Soy Peligroso.
The big story of the day was the production of The Connoisseur Cain who was a player that came up in 2010, highly recruited but as his career pushed forward the phones stopped ringing from sponsors and agents and it wasn't because the talent wasn't still there but that he was injury prone, pitch-picky and seemed to lack the fat pair of nuts that is needed to advance in the post season. 

All that changed last Sunday as Conny hit an astounding 675 avg. and put aside his pull-hitting antics and began spraying the yard like a crop-dusting shop farter at Target® picking through bins of discount panties. Much like the R2s, the B1 team also took part in it's fair share of surprise players as the suppose-to-be leaders were turned into support players with the sulk-loving Soy Peligroso's postseason bat falling relatively cold once again and although the Agent pitched well, his bat was not as advertised and showed the fans that he is also human.

Baby Boc displayed forklift power hitting 3 jacks in his post season debut and the mouthy Gator who was also a welcomed surprise at the plate showed yard ability in this series as well. Gator sold as chatty and possibly head-case rookie shined as he flashed veteran-like leather in the outfield nabbing every bat rip to come his way as local Farragut housing ghetto bees and fans affectionately named left field "Gator's moat" in support of the rookie's jaw like D. The Gator show also provided much needed lip around the clubhouse which seemingly looked as if they were defeated while being up by runs "This is this" said Gator holding up a freshly popped Penn tennis ball to his teammates continuing his no BS clubhouse rhetoric, "Hit it, pitch it and catch it…The rest is fuck". 

The B2's were asked if the departure of the Lone Wolf had anything to do with their loss, "Not a chance, we were prepared with the 4 we had, I'm proud of our guys, we played well but it just wasn't enough, the B1's deserve all the credit" remarked a dejected LA-based Golf Shotz sipping on an icy cold draft beer from the press conference at 68 Jay bar.

And with that the B1's will face the mighty Surgeon and the RLCS champs in the best of 5 winner take all Championship this Sunday at York Field. Flashdancer-comped blow jobs for Black finals players are available beginning at 8:35am, first pitch 10:05am (FOX).

G1: B1s: 5, B2s: 6
G2: B2s: 4, B1s: 9
G3: B1s: 6, B2s: 3

HRs: B. Boc; 3, G. Shotz; 3, Laser Show; 3, Mechanic; 1, Gator; 1

BLACK 2s are: The Secret Agent, Soy Peligroso, The Connoisseur, Baby Boc, The Gator
BLACK 1s were: The Mechanic, The Cobble Hill Kid, The Lazer Show, Golf Shatz

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