The Mechanic  •  August 7th, 2011

BROOKLYN – Mom nature was passed a post-it note late last Saturday night about the York Sluggers having a game down in Coney and were requesting some weather relief from the weekend slotted wiz-fest. A shift was granted as the sun shined down on the 8 diamond dogs who made the haul south on trains and whips to play the historic expansion game at Luna Park on Sunday. The card-drawn BLACKS made up of “The Craftsman” Cohen, Rookie Kaplan, “The Surgeon” Koepke and The Mechanic took on the RED squad of "The Diamond” Haas, Daniel “Soy Peligroso” and “The Secret Agent”, Local Boy Hobbs and the heralded idea man behind the same-team-pitcher rule, B. Mau in a much anticipated set of games.

The heat, freaks and junkies settled in to watch as the BLACK side repeatedly cockpunched the REDs all day. No homers from the dark ones but they would eventually connect with enough clutch cracks to take all games as the Reds failed to chalk up a single run all afternoon. The defeated did hit, but what eventually formed as the feared BLACK Curtain all but choloformed the opposing lumber, pick-pocketing anything that came within 50 feet of the quartet. Disgruntled with the day’s bomb tally, the Commisher earlier this week green lit a league-backed $100 bounty for the first lumber-weilding cocksman to go yard at Luna Park. Theories that on-shore ocean breezes pull down the long ball might be just pig shit, but one cannot deny the Bermuda Triangle like way the ball is mysteriously knocked down after traveling around the 210’ mark. “Coney is amazing and f'd-up all at once, it’s why we expanded here, but to walk away with no jacks after today is flat unacceptable, one of us needs to bag this yard” said an enthusiastic Bud Tall lathered-up Commish Mechanic.

The bounty news should see stickball prospectors leaving their families and traveling from all over the globe to take a swat at hauling in this fair sum as the next contest at Luna Park is slotted for early September–date and time TBD.

The Dog Days of Season Three keep a burning tonight as the sluggers take the show back up north to York Field. BP at 5:45 and first pitch promptly at 6:05.

G1: R: 0, B: 5
G2: B: 5, R: 0
G3: R: 0, B: 1

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