The Mechanic  •  June 17th, 2012

BROOKLYN – The lifestyle of a Lad is filled with late nights, a relatively open calendar and the ability to greenlight unsupervised fantastic purchases for things like hawk masks, throwback autographed slalom waterskis and the occasional 31st & Madison massage, "Gimmy the works, Min Jung". All while blissfully not partaking in the financial and time-consuming confines that comes with raising offspring. This flex-lifestyle would prove to be the victory recipe in The 1st annual Dads vs. Lads game on Sunday.

The LADS made up of The Surgeon, The Drifter, Rookie Donnell J., The Connoisseur, Rookie Dom and the Local Kid took on the DADS comprised of The Mechanic, What's up, Jack, The Secret Agent and Rookie M. Sweeney last weekend under a perfect 72 degree day in Brooklyn.

The Laddies ran up the scoreboard early and by the top of the 4th inning had themselves a comfortable 7-run lead. The DADS made their move in the 5th and began crawling back with a patient slow 'n steady approach–2 runs here, 2 there, couple more and by the 8th the DADS had climbed out of the basement mostly reserved for the occasional latenight snatch-clampdown jack session and had tied up the contest 9-9 as the two sides would settle it in extras.

"Free Stickball" yelled one of the Lad players as an outfield-roaming bum grunt-responded and continued with his decision to not give a single fuck about the day's contest. The kinless ones woke up in the top of the 13th after a long drought and heaped on with an impressive 5-run deposit and never looked back.

"Fantastic game today, you gotta tip your hat to the Dads…I mean let's face it, when they were down by a touchdown in the 4th, I thought they were gonna just put on a Steely Dan album and make a round of Gin Sours for the clubhouse and call it, but they fought back and you gotta respect that" said the rookie Donnell J. who went 4-12 on the day with solid leather work in the field.

"Look, we had our shot in the 9th to put up one more and complete the comeback, but we decided to piss in our faces like a toddler on a changing table" remarked the rookie DAD teammate Rookie M. Sweeney who was highly scouted but struggled in his debut.

"On the recruitment tip, I know a few of these Lads who stand by the GS Elevator tweet "Bareback is the new third base", so we'll see who we pick up by next year" remarked the DAD player The Mechanic who finally got off the schnide with 2 tape-measure enchiladas on the day. Also grabbing longball ink for the LADs was the bomb-loving Surgeon who checked out of York field with 4 and The Wanderer pounded 3 more to add to his already hefty 2012 pile.

Season 4 keeps a rolling as the next game is set for this Sunday. First pitch 1:05pm.

G1: L: 14, D: 9

HRs: Surgeon: 4 (10), Wanderer: 3 (15), Mechanic: 2 (2)

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