The Mechanic  •  June 10th, 2012

BROOKLYN – Michael Jordan's flu game, Kirk Gibson's gimpy Game 1 World Series walk off, The Dr. defying Ronnie Mandel Lott who lobbed off a grape so he could be cleared to play in the 1985 Super Bowl. All displays of down-on-the-chips athletes who find ways to win. Add The Surgeon Koepke to that list.

After a mandatory Tecate-contracted senorita 5-way in a Juarez, Mexico, the undisputed King of York was placed on the 15 day DL with a strained patellar tendon and a bent dick. "Sport cock" said Dr. Roger Juan who was reached via facetime in-between double shifts at Johnny Rockets, "Simply too much action" continued the Acapulco-based medical expert after taking a bite of his comped Smoke House Cheeseburger with employee-topped onion rings.

After being cleared locally by YFS league doctors last Thursday, The Surgeon fought his way back to hammer 4 HRs and lead his team to a series win on York Field grounds Sunday as a sturdy 12 athlete tilt took place and welcomed in the filet of the summer contests.

The RED's Soy Peligroso, The Connoisseur, The Wanderer, Rookie Dom and The Matador took on The BLACK's The Diamond Haas, La Grievance, The Surgeon" Koepke, The Mechanic, Secret Agent" Goldberg and Rookie B. Davis. in last weekend's triple header. "Just a great set of games today, no way around it" remarked the rookie Dom, "…the weather is fantastic out here on the slab and all ya'll tri-state beach goers can hold muh mutha-fuckin' DIIIIIIIIIIG".

Rule solidification was also made on Sunday putting an end to the debate regarding the 'Slut's Bean'–the affectionate term that refers to a pole that shoots above the 40 ft. Brooklyn Queen's Expressway home run wall in center field. A carryover riff from last year's World Series when a towering shot by the Surgeon was called a triple from the umpires after the ball had struck the top of the bean and came back onto the field of play. But last Sunday In the 4th inning of game 2, the gold-gloving Surgeon re-struck the bean and this time it resulted in an HR as the ball carried eastbound and into the commuter lanes of the BQE, keeping the original rule intact that clearly states–"No sticky, No licky".

Also wick-lighting Sky Lanterns was The Wanderer who pounded a respectable 2 bombs on the day. The rookie B. Davis had a solid inaugural outing flopping in a handful of base hits (clearly no relation to the "NoNo Gracias" Davis) and turned in an Ichiro-like performance in his debut.

Season 4 maintains steam as the next game is set for this Sunday when the annual Dads vs. Lads game gets underway, first pitch 12:35.

G1: R's: 2, B's: 4
G2: B's: 8, R's: 6
G3: R's: 8, B's: 7

HRs: M. Koepke: 4 (6), R. Link; 2 (12)

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