The Mechanic  •  September 12th, 2012

BROOKLYN – Check the mismanaged YFS microfiche files in the basement of the Farragut Houses and you’ll be tits-on-glass pressed to find a game where 5 errors took place–let alone 5 consecutive errors. The RED team set a record by dropping an unthinkable 5 routine pop-fly balls in the 3rd inning of game 1 last last Wednesday night and to nobody’s surprise went on to lose the opener against the bomb-capable BLACK squad 4-2.

“That’s a serious mental cockpunch, more times than not you’ll see a stickball infantry collapse after something like that, rarely do you see a team gather from disaster and showcase any level of 2nd game sack” said RED player Jinkies who was rapid-fire nip-inhaling a dugout passed J.

The REDS did regroup and would put an eventual mob hit on the BLACKS in the final game with late roster contributions from The Wanderer and Baby Bok Choy. “The arrival of those two All-Stars and the spirit of the two Rooks was a wicked, potent victory cocktail that took shape right before our eyes” said The RED Captain The Mechanic while doing metabolic squat thrusters holding two well-earned icy Bud Light tall boys.

Both Rookies Nissan and Rollman had solid inaugural outings, and to the chagrin of the RED dugout, the pair took off after their first hits running down the blacktop like a couple of startled Dade County toe tappers. “We ribbed ‘em, but it’s not the first time a Rookie took off running in the direction of Jay Street after getting his first hit, it's hardball instinct, they don’t know that there is no base running in the YFS, you gotta give ‘em some slack, but you gotta bust some Rook grapes too” remarked The ‘12 Champ Peligroso.

The REDS picked up the eventual Game 2 victory bomb-free while playing solid hit and wall ball–the approach that saw the seemingly doomed ones rise up in the final game as the mid-September darkness closed out the competition for the night and the sluggers were lucky enough to notch two full ones.

“To see a never before assembled squad come together and make a comeback like that is nothing short of magic, call me old fashioned but that shit never gets old” said ‘12 Champ Baby Bok Choy who stayed late to sign tits.

Also grabbing HR ink was The Surgeon who’s BQE deposit number is up to an astounding 53 in 2012 while Virginia-import Jinkies Oneill also baptised his nuts in the cool BQE waters with an impressive bomb of his own.

The road to the Fall Classic continues as the next game is set for this Sunday. First pitch 1:05pm.

G1: B: 4, R: 2
G2: R: 9, B: 5

HRs: Surgeon; 2 (53), Jinkies; 1 (3)

REDS were: The Cobble Hill Kid, Rookie Colin N., Rookie Dan R., The Wanderer, Baby Bok Choy, The Mechanic, Jinkies, Soy Peligroso and The Diamond.

BLACKS were: The Prince, Rookie B. Harrison, The Surgeon, Mudnuts, The Connoisseur, Rookie Dom M,, The Lone Wolf and Rookie Ritesh G.

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