Double Barrell  •  May 6th, 2020

In the early eighties, The R.I.P. Gang terrorized the streets of Minden. Daniel Hare and his gang of hoodlums were a bad bunch of teens.  They smoked cigarettes, they were mean to dogs, they wore leather jackets at inappropriate times of the year, they truly were, “The kids your mom warned you about.” 

It sounds like the 2020 incarnation might be no different.

I”m not gonna say their winning game one was shocking, because it wasn’t. They are way to good of a team for that. I did feel The Fighting Russell Godwins had a slight edge going into the game, though.  So much for that feeling.  Word on the street is that The Most Dangerous Man in Stickball, Spider, played like a man possessed in the field and added a couple of bombs to go with it. I bet he smoked a couple of cigarettes, too. The Czar joined with a couple of bombs of his own, and Bermuda mixed in a few hits to both sides of the field, and a new pair of kneepads.

No need for The Godwins to get down on themselves, yet, though. They'll have plenty of chances to make up for it.

Full write-ups of games will come later this weekend as I have some guys down there with boots on the ground doing some hard core reporting. I just wanted to congratulate our first game winners and keep everyone in the know.

Thanks to the guys that came out and watched, too. I heard we had a Rooster, a Diamond, a Natural, a Youngun, and a Cyfu, who even brought his wife Lashley out to enjoy the nice weather, a couple of margaritas, and some fierce competition. Can anyone confirm if she is also a robot? Keep up the spectating! I’ve included an upcoming schedule below.

The R.I.P. Gang-7.   The Fighting Russell Godwins-5


Thursday, March 7, 4 PM- Game 2

Howard Morgan 69ers Vs Dan Shadiskis All-Stars

Friday, March 8, 5 PM- Game 3

Kin Folk Video Mowahwks Vs Fighting Russell Godwins

Saturday, March 9, Noon- Game 4

R.I.P. Gang Vs Howard Morgan 69ers

Monday, March 11, 1PM- Game 5

Dan Shadiskis All-Stars Vs Kin Folk Video Mohawks

Dick Tater

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