Rooster  •  November 30th, 2020

NEW ORLEANS – Four pitchers carry a no hitter through three and one half innings as the Turkey Day Hangover seemed to be a formidable opponent for both teams to start. Sugar and Rookie G finally get on board, then Rookie G malfunctions and swats Spider’s infield ground ball into the outfield for the third out of the inning. It was a learning moment for the young g slugger. Scoreless through four. Rooster is the first of the Reds to reach base in the top of the fourth, and gets stranded there leaving the score 0-0. Bottom of the Fourth, Sugar and Rookie Moral Support both hit two 2 run shots to make the score 4-0. Johnny Appleseed, who hasn’t dropped a ball in then field yet, and has been hitting balls past the right field fence line, loads the bases, but they stay that way to end the inning. A lot more nothing happens for another couple of innings as the Blacks still maintained a 4-0 lead as both teams took an undeserved 7th Inning Stretch. Buzz’s Gold Glove status might be back as he finally took his hands off his hips and caught every ball hit in his area. Rooster makes a top 10 highlight reel catch in hopes to get his team going. It did not. In fact, the Blacks scored another four runs to seal the deal. Rookie Alex does add another garbage time bomb in the top of the ninth to add to his yearly count. Kool-Aid ropes a juicy breast meat triple to the fence. Rooster then drives him in with a single, solidifying his place in Kool-Aid’s House For Wayward Boys. Too Little, too late.

Rookie G gets the Thankstaking MVP Loot, a fine addition to any household.

Blacks: 8
Reds: 2

Reds were: Reebok Switch, Ay Caramba, Kool-Aid, Czar, Rookie Alex
Blacks are: D-Lo, Spider, Sugar and his Book Club, Buzz Armstrong, Rookie Giancarlo and his Fan Club

Game 2 (RE-DRAW)

Rooster runs his mouth and drops every single ball hit to him.  He may have silently been the best hitter for the last two weeks, but he has very Loudly become the worst fielder.  He also bats out of order in the top of the Ninth, which proves to be a costly mistake.  He has really become quite the piece of shit the last two games. His first game was Thankstaking Season 7 and he played exactly the same this weekend.  Rookie Alex joins Diamond for the top spot in the home run race with 5 in the second contest and 6 on the day. The Rascal, looking like a young Johnny Lawerence in a super bitchin’ headband, decides Rookie G’s fan club is now his as he sweeps the leg and makes moves on the blonde one in between hitting Oppo singles and finding cool rocks by the fence line. If I ever get a girlfriend, he’s not allowed to meet her.

Blacks: 14
Reds: 11

Blacks are: Reebok Switch, D-Lo, Ay Caramba, Kool-Aid, Rookie G

Reds were: Spider, Sugar, Buzz Armstrong, Rooster, Rookie Alex

Souvenirs: Rooster: 1, Sugar: 1, Spider: 2, Ay Caramba: 3, Rookie Giancarlo: 3, Rookie Alex: 6


The upcoming Weekend is gonna be a very special day for the D$$, as we welcome one of the original Jet City Plowboys, YFS Jet City’s own, Daisy Cutter.  I’ve personally been wanting to meet this baller ever since I started hearing tales of his antics at the Galacticos. He is a legend, and it’s gonna be a big day on the wind swept fields of St Patrick’s. Hide your daughters and dust off your party shoes, as this will surely be one for the books.

I also plan on doing something special for our very own Captain, so get your asses out there.

Daisy Cutter Classic
December 5th
St Patrick’s

-- D-LO

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