Seadderall  •  July 15th, 2020

JET CITY –  For the 5th straight week the Plowboys gathered at the Jet City Arena, and once again no sign of work from Dontonio Bibi. League Brass has shown intrigue and enamor with the consistency of play. So much so that when HQ asked the chapter for HR tallies thus far, the Plowboys couldn't provide accurate numbers due to the frequency of play and early set dementia amongst the old men.  It was known that Rookie Ben aka Double Meat had a day that put him up high in the numbers. Seadderall still riding the solid HR output from the Fall Classic was pushing the annual winner (Daisy Cutter) for the HR lead in the early onset of the season. Even Big Bat Bacon, Notorious B.O.P. and other rookies were showing some strides in the power department. Always nice when the JCA winds are blowing out.

Cards were drawn and this Monday’s Melee matchup teamed up Reds: Double Meat, Well Fed Man, Rookie Drew and Daisy Cutter vs. Blacks: Seadderall, T-Bop, Rookie Chris, Rookie John and Rookie Casey. Oddsmakers from the Duvall Dispatch apparently had an opinion, however no one believes the news anymore so the Plowboys didn't take notice.

Game 1 was tight early on. Blacks had a 4-3 lead through 4 and half innings, thanks to a barrage of solo bombs by Rookie John and Rookie Chris.  Going into the bottom of the 5th the Reds exploded with a 5 run inning.  Daisy contributing heavily.  I mean heavily...5 HR's total for the game.  It was almost a foregone conclusions that he was going deep with each at bat.  Double Meat reversed the potential nickname change to "Veggie Wrap" after he proved his 7 HR day a few weeks ago wasn't a fluke and finally got out of his slump.  Going into the 7th inning stretch the Reds held an 8-4 advantage.  Black's necks were getting sore from watching Daisy lift one too many Penns into the prickles. Bottom of 7 proved no different as Rookie Drew popped his first career dinger adding two runs.  Long limbed Rookie John continued his impressive first outing with his third bomb of the game in the top of the 9th, but alas the barrage from the Reds was too much.  Final 10-5.

Game 2 was a rollercoaster ride. More HR's popped out into the bush. Solid defense with some one handed catches started taking place again. Confidence was high as Rookie Chris and Tar Heel helped provide a HR boost in what seemed like a comfortable advantage of 5-2 going into the top of 7. But Daisy and Double Meat weren't done and more bombs in the 8th and top of the 9th pushed the game to extra innings. Both teams scored in the 10th.  Rookie Chris hit a line drive back to the pitcher, word has it Tar Heel is picking Penn fuzz out of his bruised side this afternoon. Eventually the extra inning duel found an ending with a 3 run spot (via DC dinger) in the top of 12 which was only followed by one run in the bottom.  Daisy Cutter and his 8 HRs on the day quickly reminded any wannabee home run hitters that this was still Daisy's chapter. Final score 10-8. 

G1: Blacks: 10,  Reds: 5
G2: Blacks: 10, Reds: 8

HR’s: Daisy Cutter (8), Rookie John (3), Rookie Chris (2), Rookie Ben "Double Meat" (2), Seadderall (1), Rookie Drew (1)

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