The Minister  •  November 9th, 2021

NEW ORLEANS – The 2021 Wide Open tournament went down last weekend in New Orleans which was the brainchild of The 2019 YFS Galactic Champions, The Dirty South. The 3-day modern stickball soiree was one filled with Glory, insults, stupidity, laughs, beats, costumes, dance moves, nonsense, and was fittingly capped off by some walk-off heroics by a YFSLA man named Boogie Joe. The tournament was a product of 5 cities where old friends and new celebrated the pastime we can’t get enough of. YFS HQ would like to thank the Dirty South Chapter for opening up their homes, hearts, time, and efforts to show us all a weekend we won’t forget. Turns out we’re gonna make it after all.


Proceeds from the Wide Open ($10 jacks, $5 drops) will be donated to the Yakani Ekelanna Garden in Da Swamp, LA. Here the Houma Tribe can keep their deep-seeded tradition alive and grow some fresh eats. Because you can’t win at life by stuffing Doritos and Halloween candy in your rig.


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