The Wanderer  •  May 10th, 2018

PORTLAND – Forest Dwelling intellectualists YFS Rose City kicks off second inaugural season to the tune of Nas’s THE WORLD IS YOURS. Because nothing says hype donuts, tattooed strippers and high-brow coffee like Nas’s debut album Illmatic.

On the day, Danktown Commish and casually browsing aficionado The Wanderer Link was joined by A. 'Lump' James and Big-Trip as the Diamonds, squaring off against skeleton crew ‘Brainstorm’ Blumenthal and newcomer Rookie Castro representing the Hearts.

It was big bats vs pure determination from the off. And sure enough the big bats came out hot. Big Trip gonna Big Trip, slamming two towards the vicinity of Apex Brew Pub who happen to be woefully situated on the other side of the left center wall. “You like Penn with your IPA?” cackled Trip who was in high spirits on the day, creaming five hail marys to the promised land.

The Hearts knew they were in for it as soon as cards were drawn. “Trip came in looking like American Pharoah in the breeding stall out there today” moaned an over-it yet perpetually optimistic ‘Brainstorm’ Blumenthal. Or ‘HJ’ as he is being touted who despite the result, put on a clinic in filthy handiwork on the day.

‘The guy moisturizes, that much I know’ – The Outdoorsmen (current whereabouts unknown)

The World is Yours YFS Rose City Second Inaugural Season continues to heat up next week.

G1: Ds: 7, Hs: 0
G2: Ds 5, Hs: 0

HRs: Big Trip: 5, The Wanderer: 2

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