T-Bop  •  September 9th, 2017

SEATTLE — A steady wind out of south shut down any possibility for fully suckled nuts out at the Jet City Arena on Saturday. In spite of their best efforts, REDS players “The Daisy Cutter” Croy, Rookie Dave, “Being Bill” Baerg and T-Bop Teske just couldn’t penetrate the outfield bush and spent the afternoon racking up singles. BLACKS Rookie Dave & Being Bill shot off to a quick lead in game 1 with 5-runs in the bottom of the second and held on as Croy and T-Bop crawled their way back to within 1 for a 5-4 final. "When did Peter Dinklage get here”, Rookie Dave was heard saying in game 2, Bill (aka, Tyrian Lannister, aka, Master of Coin, aka, Hand of the Queen) was having trouble finding the plate. Battling a battalion of snakes in the outfield, the Daisy Cutter and T-Bop handled their business in game 2 with a 2 to 1 victory.

G1: B'S: 5, R'S: 4
G2: R'S: 2, B'S: 1

HR’s: Donut

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