YFS Brooklyn Season V Fall Classic Preview

The Mechanic  •  October 24th, 2013

Black League Championship Series (BLCS): Saturday, October 26th, 2013, York Field, Brooklyn. Black 1’s vs. Black 2’s in a best of 3 (CINEMAX 10:05am).

Black 1’s: The Cobble Hill Kid, The Diamond, The Lone Wolf, Gator and No Gracias.

The Black 1’s will run point with their veteran leadership in The Cobble Hill Kid and The Diamond who bring in a ton of concrete time and YFS savvy. The team also boasts two standout bats in the Lone Wolf and The Gator. Wolf being the only one to jack 4 consecutive panty droppers in a Fall Classic. Gator brings a successful and semi-neurotic off-and-on field banter but holds solid merit around the league. No Gracias completes this team with plenty of dugout swag and yuks but is also the glaring offensive question mark (3 for 1,467 lifetime). If No G. can jump off what he did back in August, look for this team to rally behind him and become bonafide believers. Historically, The Black 1’s have also been the lucky ticket, as past B1 Teams have won every Championship in YFS history. Will this set defend or be the first to drop the ball.

Suds: 3.5
Reefer: 4
Laughs: 3
Dedication: 2.5

Odds to win it all: 3.5 to 1

Black 2’s: Soy Peligroso, The Connoisseur, Swingin' Mo, Rookie Aaron K. and The Mechanic.

Black 2’s boast an assload of veteran leadership as well in Soy Peligroso, the Mechanic and Conny Cain. Swingin’ Mo brings a hungry youth and ease to the squad while Rookie Aaron plays the opposite and comes across more like a coked-up businessman who totes in big lumber deploying 24 HRs in his first year. The entire team will hit from the right side of the plate in the left field-friendly confines of York Cathedral. Talks around the Casinos and OTBs have them as one of the early favorites as the combined sluggers hit 122 jacks in the ‘13 regular season. Collectively the B2’s also boast the most regular season games played as dish time is high as this squad with a solid defensive backdrop. If the B2’s square ‘em up they have a good shot at as any to winning a pennant and advancing.

Suds: 4.5
Reefer: 4
Laughs: 4
Dedication: 5

Odds to win it all: 2 to 1

Red League Championship Series (RLCS). Saturday, October 26th, 2013, 1:05pm Start. Red 1’s vs. Red 2’s–best of 3. (FOX 1:05pm)

Red 1’s: The Secret Agent, The Wanderer, The Local Boy, El Matador and What's Up Jack?

This squad corrals 3 defending ‘12 champions in The Local Boy, the Wanderer and 3-peat Champ The Secret Agent. Add ‘10 Champion in El Matador and pull power hitter What's Up Jack Worsham and you have a potential wrecking crew. Look for the pressure to be on The Agent to do the unthinkable and nab his 4th consecutive title making him part of one of the most immortalized dynasties in history. Putting him with the likes of Rocky Marciano, Doug Jarvis, Glen Hall, Paul Pender, The ‘64 to ‘78 Montreal Habs and Peter North (aka: The Beer Can). This team looks pretty stacked as the defense is solid up and down. Injury report shows that Local Boy is a bit banged up from a recent Vision Quest dirt bike accident in Old Mexico. And Agent also is coming off a recently repaired torn tendon in his left hand as his HR power has shown a slight decline. One can’t help but like this team’s chemistry and ability and If they can do what they do look for them to make a solid run this postseason.

Suds: 4
Reefer: 4
Laughs: 3.5
Dedication: 4

Odds to win it all: 2 to 1

Red 2’s: The Surgeon, Turk Shotgun, Dom The Deal and Baby Handsome.

The Surgeon and his worldwide possee would love another ring. It’s seems like it’s been ages since he held the YFS Bass topped trophy high. If it’s any indication, Surgeon’s last regular season game he hit 8 jacks to win the 2013 season HR total race which says he’s flat ready to fuck shit up. Two post season departures in ‘11 and ‘12 will not have The Surgeon drawing up the same plan, so look for him to bring out some off the wall David Bennet kind of shit as he looks to lead his squad with a whatever it takes approach. Turk brings a pole-bending lefty rod to the yard and Baby Handsome has appetite for the postseason as well “I’ve been known to punch the postseason right in the fucking mouth”. YFS Red shirt Dom The Deal is virtually unproven but can ball and has shown big juice at the plate when given the chance. The R1’s were also the only squad to draw 4 players as their defense will be hamstringed a bit. Of course the silver lining here is that The Surgeon will be picking up the lumber with more frequency and might be able to single handedly put a few body blow to the opposing R1s. The Red’s dueces have the least amount of games played this year but if they can find a way to get through round one while facing a tough opponent and gain the much needed confidence look for them to be a legitimate threat to dominate the world.

Suds: 4
Reefer: 4.5
Laughs: 4
Dedication: 2

Odds to win it all: 3 to 1

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