The Minister  •  December 8th, 2021

TIJUANA – Shit on a cracker that took a while. You may be thinking – why on earth did it take this long to get the money raised at the Galactics in 2019 to hit our orphan recipients. It’s the pig in the room as big as Dumbo (no not that DUMBO) so let’s address it and not pretend the timeline was to HQs liking but in the end worked out as perfect as Katfish Global’s profile. The beef? Trying to locate an orphanage where we can get the money directly to the kids took time. It should be no surprise that there is some corruption in orphanages and having the total $1165 go to the kids was the goal. As we didn't want that uneasy feeling of crapping the handoff. Then there was covid, lockdowns, and your mom went to Spring break in Florida – basically all fiery hell broke loose.

So yes it took time, a long time, but YFS Rosarito’s El Toro and his familia – Erica, El Flacco, and Eiker – with extended familia help did the hard work to find an orphanage that would work with us. And in the end it allowed the money to directly impact the kids. Impact is such a stupid word amaright? The truth is, nobody skimmed the till here and the kids reaped the loot uncut. And it felt right as rain. Can’t say enough about El Toro and his family for helping us close the loop here. It wasn’t easy, but they put in the hard work to make it go down for these kids.

So what actually happened on this day? Great question. The kids were treated to an Italian restaurant bonanza where they could order whatever the hell they wanted. They ate like kings, queens and qukings. They ate all the desserts. Then they went across the parking lot to the movies and got Mexican popcorn, candy and drinks. But why listen to me when you can hear it straight from El Toro HERE.

Also the orphanage has asked us to blur the kids' faces here. Because it’s a sensitive deal. We now have a relationship with an orphanage where we can help them further. That is not an easy thing to arrive at. But make no mistake, a relationship like this is a gift. Thanks also to all the Galactics 1 dummies who took a leap of faith to come to the greatest sporting even on earth not really knowing what they were getting into. The YFS is forever indebted to these 36 sluggers.

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