The Minister • October 13th, 2018

LOS ANGELES – The YFSLA Tinseltown Fun Boys are BACK TO THE BEACH and ready to tuck into another Season with opening day festivities tuh-day. The Official YFS Chapter that busted onto the scene last year with plenty of lather and boost are unzipping the jeans on another while employing the YFS flip schedule. Meaning the ones who get heat-beat with a catshit-filled burrito June through August months play oppo with an October through spring schedule. So with the heat finally backing off, the TTFB boys can finally dust off their ladles and get back to scooping YFS glory. Hit 'em heavy, boys.

Video invite so stacked with help we have no other choice but to credit the entire Chapter headed up by tri-commish joint in The Intern, JD and Raw Dog Robinson. All no-doubt dipping nuts into this AV sizzler.

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